Gemini – The Investigators

Nosy – They always want to know what’s going on and can’t rest until they do. They want to know it all and dig deep until they are successful in knowing secrets. Even the ones that one did not intend on revealing in the first place.

Soak It Up – They want to soak up all the knowledge, all at once. They are great observes and born investigators. They desire to be at different places at the same time and be aware of everything happening in the world.

Extremely Flexible – We don’t know about the physical aspect but they are super adaptable to things and people. They don’t mind trying something new, something out of the blue, impossible dares? They definitely are the ones to complete them. Cancelled a plan on a Sagittarius? Don’t expect them to sulk in one corner but would instead find something better to do!

Indecisive – A mere decision like picking a lunch spot or a movie for a movie night can give them anxiety. Decisions are something Gemini aren’t good at. Something major like a commitment or a change of place can trigger their anxiety even more.

Wit – Gemini is born conversationalists and is super witty. You can never have a dull conversation with a Gemini and if are bombarded with questions anytime during a conversation, they have their water balloons full of witty answers ready for the other person to stay awake and plan a response for days!

A Tad Irresponsible – Gemini is a little unreliable, don’t get them wrong though, they don’t have evil intentions, but are just a little irresponsible. They can be planning an event for days and can end up cancelling it in the last moment. They get bored easily, which is why it is difficult for them to commit to relationships and work.

Pacifist – Gemini is generally a pacifist and try to avoid mere arguments and drama, but once pulled the trigger, they don’t hesitate to stand up for themselves, leaving the pacifist in them behind.

They Experience Extreme – They have higher highs and lower lows than anyone else. Hence they experience a lot of emotions at once. They are happiest when things are right in their life and are super low when things don’t.  

The Wall – They build a wall between themselves and their emotions, which is why they avoid personal conversations. The moment you bring up something from your life which is a tad bit emotional, they go in their shell and bring up their wall.

Out Of The Box – They often are people who think out of the box, they don’t like to be caged in a box of mainstream thoughts. They like to make their own way. They are often found doing the most outrageous things, things that someone not in a million years would think of doing.

Being There – Just because they are distant from their emotional side doesn’t mean they aren’t great friends. They are great listeners and always ready to lend help. They know just the right thing to say to lift someone up.

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