Sagittarius – The Dreamer

Sagittarius – The Dreamer

Freedom Is The Key – A Sagittarius knows how to enjoy life to the fullest and loves to explore and experience the beauty of life. They are open to new experiences and are always surrounded by friends they make during their journey.

Spontaneous – They are always fun to be around as you can never get bored around them. They don’t like to plan anything, rather take life as it comes. Their enthusiasm and courage are contagious, hence people always have fun around them.

Dreamers – They are not about all fun and no work, but on the contrary, have high aspirations and dreams and work hard to achieve them. They put in the work needed to get them where they desire to be. They are optimistic about life and enthusiastic about their future.

Truth – They are the most honest people you’d ever meet. They often come out as blunt and might lose people in their life because of their straight forward behavior. But isn’t that good riddance? Because a real friend would actually consider them as a wave of truth that they need in their life.

Dictatorship – They hate being told what to do. The key how to not lose a Sagittarius is by not dictating them or showing authority over them. They hate being told what to do and would definitely leave once their ego has been played with.

Readable – To be around a Sagittarius is like being an open book. They are great at reading people and pick up different vibes in a room full of people. They are very intuitive, understand a person’s character and signs anyone else would miss.

Impatient Like A Baby – Sagittarius is impatient like a baby and often fidgety. They want everything, right now, and are always on a look out for their next task. Their to-do list is never empty and they always want to be engrossed and can’t stand the idea of sitting idle. Due to this, they often find themselves in grumpy and uncomfortable situations.

Angry Sagittarius – When a Sagittarius is angry, they make sure the whole world knows about it. Although, when they are hurt, they don’t try to hide away their emotions, rather hide away from the world completely. They go in their shell and get distant from the world.

Loyal And Empathetic – They are usually your 3 AM friend. Someone who is always there on the other side of the line when you need them. They empathize and always do what they can to help a friend.

Heart’s Out – They are super careful and don’t just pluck out their heart and give it to someone. They are cautious about who they commit to before giving away their heart to someone.

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