Virgo – Did anyone say peace within chaos?

The Observers – Virgos are known for their deep sense of humanity and their observation skills. They are minute observes who have a different, yet careful way of looking at life. They know how to get their work done just right. They like to dig deep inside and see what’s going on and can read between the lines. Hence, they are great at catching lies.

The Wild Child – More often than not, Virgo’s are shy at first meetings and take time to spill out their secrets. Although, they have a wild side only lucky ones can see. They don’t like to be on the limelight which is why they aren’t the life of a party, but when they’re around their close friends, they let their hair down and aren’t afraid to loosen up.

The Two Sides – It’s difficult to get close to a Virgo, but once they befriend someone, they truly hang on to that person. Although, it is very easy to disappoint a Virgo as they hold high standards for themselves and expect the same from the people around. They hate when they are let down by someone, and even the slightest thing can lead one right in their bad books. These perfectionists are a perfect mixture of sophistication and kindness. They are always ready to lend a hand to someone in need.

Problem Solver– Virgos are not someone to point out a problem, rather, are the first ones to scream out the solution. Virgos are also best described as coconuts, hard from the exteriors with tender insides. Even though they come out as someone detached from their emotional side, yet, on the contrary, are more affected by things than anyone can ever notice.

The Unplanned – A spontaneous road trip? It’s hard to convince a Virgo. They like to analyse, plan and know just what they’re doing. Call it over thinking or being prepared, but Virgos aren’t the spontaneous kind.

The Doer –  Virgos like to work hard, for anything and everything. They don’t want to do anything half-hearted. Once they are in it they give their 100 percent and won’t stop until they are content with the results.

Independence – Virgos consider themselves as perfectionists, cause duh! They are. They generally don’t ask for help and are repelled by people who seem sticky and demanding. They like to do things on their terms and hate being dictated.

The Pillars – They are the support system for the ones close to their heart and like to push them towards success. They make them choose what their heart wants rather than their mind. They give the warmth one needs after a bad day.

A Strong Voice – Virgos are very opinionated and don’t sugar-coat anything they say, which is why they often come off as harsh. They speak from their heart but are often misjudged.

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