Aries – Born Leaders

Rulers – They are born leaders and possess all the traits to get them the success they deserve. They are natural leaders, and an obvious choice for leadership in the work environment. They are super courageous and pull in to do things that others would generally pass on.

Spontaneous – They are unpredictable; and are spontaneous when it comes to anything in life. They enjoy the ‘newness’ of life and like to be on the run.

Opinionated – They are super opinionated and want to be heard. They don’t keep their thoughts to themselves rather are the ones to shout them out loud. They are outspoken beings who aren’t intimidated by anyone.

Energetic – The fire in them is never turned off. They like to be on their toes and keeps others on their toes too. Being around them is like being in an energetic bubble, they have a completely different vibe that can never go unnoticed.

Independence – They enjoy pampering themselves, rather it is more like a lifestyle to them. Their independent nature seems of great importance to them and will fight anyone who comes between them and their independence.

Bad Temper – Their tolerance is like a strand of hair and these short-tempered souls when angered, don’t hide their temper well. Although, they calm down just as fast as they get angry.

Negative Energy – Being these positive souls, they hate being around people who don’t match their energy levels. They are believers of ‘I can’ and people with ‘Can’t do’ attitude piss them off. They can’t be around complaining people who are constantly detached from the world.

Inspiration – They are usually the source of inspiration to their friends and want to be around the ones who are just as inspiring.

Attitude – They are a little egoistic and can be selfish at times with their ‘Me first’ attitude. They know what they want and are ready to do what it takes to get it. Confidence literally drips from their soul, as they often believe that what anyone else can do, they can do it better.

Optimistic – When they face failure (although rarely) you won’t find them sitting in one corner of the room sulking. They instead learn from each failure and pick themselves up and are ready for their next adventure.

Boring Routine – Aries don’t like to get stuck in a boring routine, they take life as an adventurous journey, and getting stuck and doing the same thing over and over again, bores them. Aries are free-spirited and want to make their living doing something they love.

Impatience – Aries don’t understand the concept of patience. They are the most impatient people you’ll ever meet, but to their defense, it’s because people can’t match their speed. They are always on-the-go and people who slow them down, frustrate them.

Great Entrepreneurs – As they are the perfect product of confidence and intelligence, they become great entrepreneurs. Their nature to give orders but not take them makes them perfect in the business.

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