Cancer – The Domestic Crab

Family First – Cancers are the family type and want to live and be as close to them as they can. They are loyal and deeply attached to their families and having a happy family is always at the top of their list. They love spending time at home and like to have an environment that gives them comfort. Hence, they spend a lot of time and creativity in creating a comfy home.

Introverts – They are extremely introverted, although once they get to know the person, they take no time to open up. They like kind gestures, as these can make them feel more ready to open up. They like to be around people who genuinely care about them and aren’t just superficial.

Overly Sensitive – They are super sensitive and emotional almost all the time. They don’t take criticism or negative remarks well. They are often caught checking and turning pages from their past and getting their eyes wet with good and bad memories.

Attention – They aren’t the biggest attention seekers but love a little attention when given by just the right person. It makes them feel important and a little care shows them that they hold value to a person’s life. This is the key to unmask cancer’s soft and tender side.

Rubbed the Wrong Way – Cancers are known for their laid-back attitude and chilled out personality, although, when rubbed the wrong way, they get out their claws out and fight it out.

Pushy People – They get along with almost anyone but don’t have the patience to deal with pushy and obnoxious people. Being around people who are indecisive and dominating gets them frustrated.

Grudges Are Held – Cancers don’t exactly believe the theory ‘Forgive and Forget’ and can hold onto grudges for a very, very long time. Once they get stabbed in the back and trust is broken, they don’t easily forget.

Different Personalities – Cancers aren’t always predictable and have multiple sides to their personalities, and just as when you think you know one, they play the card you haven’t seen.

Sad Times – When they are unhappy, they become distant even from their close ones. They hate talking or being around people when they’re low and take time to figure things out on their own.

Mystical Creatures – Cancer’s world is a roller coaster, they don’t give out their secrets all at once and have a kind of a magnetic enigma. This touch of mystery makes it hard to read them and understand. There is a possibility that they are close to someone and even after spending a long time together can still seem like a completely new person.

Giving Souls – They are extremely generous people and giving makes them happy. They believe in spreading happiness in the world. They don’t need an occasion to shower their friends with gifts, they only need the feeling of making their friends smile.

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