Capricorn – The Know it All

Patient – They are extremely strict when it comes to discipline and have unending patience within. They believe that nothing is easy, and they know they have to work hard to achieve it. Pushing their limits to achieve what they desire is just one of the many amazing traits of Capricorn.

Brutal Tongue – When angered, Capricorn use their words in the most brutal way possible. They make sure their words hurt their enemies and aren’t considerate at all. They choose harsh words over physical fights to take their competitors down.

Investigators – They make sure to do their homework and research in depth on things before concluding anything. They aren’t the ones who go by rumors but only believe what they see. If you need to convince a Capricorn, make sure you have strong evidence.

Organized – They are super organized. They will have it all planned out in no time. They are the best when it comes to time management. They are always on their toes; their overachieving nature is the reason they are repulsed by people who don’t take life seriously and have a laid-back attitude for things. People who aren’t organized and don’t know what they want are definitely not on their good books.

Being Alone – Don’t get them wrong, they love their family and friends. But if they get a chance to be alone, they’re definitely gonna grab it. They love self-care and are pretty good at pampering themselves. They like staying alone, doing what they love, concentrating on nothing but getting their thoughts together and plans to make their life better.

Shy at First – They aren’t exactly extroverts and when it comes to meeting new people, they don’t easily open up and might come off as unwelcoming. Although, once they get close to someone, they let them inside and show their real personality that is a tad bit wild.

Practical – They are extremely practical and are great at solving real-life problems that most people run away from. Their rational thinking and dependable nature make them a go-getter. Their high standards for everything in life does not let them settle for the second best. Their need to find the perfect answer for their question often makes it difficult for others to handle them at times

Problem Solver – They are like a sponge when it comes to knowledge. They grab all the information they possibly can. Their need to know it all and problem-solving nature are the reasons why they are the first call when it comes to their close friends in need.

Walk Down the Memory Lane – They don’t forget their bad times, most importantly, the ones who made them see the bad times. They hold on to grudges and don’t let go of people easily. They take revenge pretty seriously and are always determined to show the negative people their place.

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