Leo – The Brave Lions

Heart of Gold – Leos have a lot of love to give. They are super kind and generous and there’s nothing that could make a Leo stop giving. Filling the world with love and positive energy is what makes Leo happy.

The Bad Side – Don’t get fooled by their kindness. Leos have a bad side you don’t want to get on. Once they feel they’re being taken for granted because of their kindness, they release the lion within them and set out to attack! They don’t like to be taken advantage of, period. Once you are their foe, there’s no going back to being friends.

Loyal – Leos have an inbuilt feature (Loyalty). When they trust someone and get close to them, they are like protectors and do their all to protect their people. They are super loyal and wouldn’t do anything that would even remotely hurt the people close to their heart and won’t let anyone else do so either.

Born Leaders – If you’re friends with a Leo, you’d just know. Their bossy nature is like a sign of their presence. Which proves they can be the most effective leaders as they are totally born with it!

Social Butterfly – You won’t find Leos missing events, get-togethers or any social gatherings. They aren’t there because of social obligations but because they love to be there! They are generally the life of a party. They have an extremely out-going nature and it’s always fun to be around them.

The Other Side – Leos generally come out as strong, confident beings. But on the inside, they’re far more emotional than they actually show to the world. They can be hurting on the inside but can fool others with the smile they put on.

Charm – Leos are extremely charming. Their personalities have this aura that makes people go nuts over them! They even have the ability to convince people to do what they want with their magnetic personality.

The Attention Seekers – Leos NEED attention. They need their daily dose of attention that keeps them going. That’s one thing that a Leo can’t live without. They don’t mind taking the center stage and are always wanting to keep the spotlight on themselves. And well, they deserve it!

Always Come Through – A Leo is the best friend everyone needs in their life. They’re always there in the worst situations when people generally leave. They aren’t just there, but make sure to fix things and won’t leave until their friends are okay. They love nothing more than a good bond with their close friends.

Time Alone- They crave good conversations and human interactions. Leo feels like themselves when they’re around people having meaningful conversations. This does not mean they don’t enjoy some time alone. Although not for long, they hide away at times to collect their thoughts and work on their hobbies and reenergize themselves.

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