Libra – Others Over Themselves

Honesty Is In their Nerves – They are super honest with each other and always are the ones who consider both the sides of a coin before they decide to take a flip. They become great judges and truthful advocates. They believe in treating everyone as equal and in fair justice. They also aren’t afraid to step up and accept their mistake when they go wrong.

Smooth Talker – They are great at convincing people and manipulating them into doing just what they want. They handle awkward situations well and are generally the one who addresses the elephant in the room and often resolve fights with their diplomacy that leaves everyone satisfied.

Questions – Even though they seem self-confident and chilled out on the outside, they have insecurities of their own. They often suffer from self-doubts and have lingering questions about themselves.

Haters – They have a blindside for haters and believe in taking action and doing what they have to and don’t plan to stop until they get what they want. They ignore all the criticism and negative comments that try to put them down and keep working till they reach their destination, success.

Calculative – They aren’t the ones who like to do unplanned things, they rather are always one step ahead. They don’t like to do things in the heat of the moment. When competing against someone, they like to think of all the possible things to make sure that the odds always favor them.

Communicators – They like having intelligent conversations where they can think beyond. They are great listeners and often seem to get lost in conversations that are meaningful. They are great listeners and can always lift their friends up.

Unpredictable – They, like a few other signs, are unpredictable most of the times and are often caught doing things that no one else can think of doing. This trait of theirs often makes them fun to be around.

Selfish People – When they are around selfish, arrogant people, they are uncomfortable as they can’t match their personality. Being someone who feels happy when others around them are happy, they can’t bear the idea of someone being self-centered and selfish.

Losing Argument – Losing an argument opposed to losing someone is a better option for them. When things get rough, they like to settle the situation by losing the argument and not continue a heated argument that ends up with a crack in the relationship.

Making Others Happy – They believe in making everyone in their life happy. Although, at times they often lose themselves finding happiness for others. They often forget that they can’t make everyone happy and be liked by everyone. They put too much pressure on themselves and don’t focus on their own needs.

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