Pisces – The Mystical Beings

Two Worlds – Pieces are represented as 2 fishes tied together, yet swimming in different directions, often associated as people who live in different worlds i.e. reality and fantasy. They are often delusional, but that may not be obvious.

Empathetic – They are known for wearing their heart up their sleeves and their empathetic nature. They don’t hold back when it comes to giving love to the world. Their understanding nature helps them to truly get to know a person.

The Beauty – They believe that the true beauty lies beneath and don’t like shallow thinkers who believe otherwise. They like getting to know people on a deeper, spiritual level. They seek to make connections that are genuine. If they aren’t let inside by someone, they often wander off.

Extremely Intuitive – Pieces are super intuitive and pick up signs that make them see people behind their masks that they usually wear. They understand signs that would usually go unnoticed by most people. They observe body language and see a person’s true intention.

Spirituality – Pieces are far more in touch with their spiritual side than any other sign. They believe in mindfulness and manifesting things with their inner power. They focus on making a connection with the universe and seeing the bigger picture.

Indecisiveness – Pieces are extremely indecisive. They can drive their friends and family nuts by going over their thoughts over a million times before making a decision. They generally can’t seem to land on a decision due to the fear of making a wrong choice.

Creativity – They are filled with creativity to the brim! Their unique way of thinking and out of the box thoughts are the reason why they become great artists, musicians and take over the world of creativity.

Time Alone – They often seem to disappear from the world are and seen spending time alone. They like to stay in touch with their inner power and like to get away from the world every once in a while.

All In – Pieces when fallen in love, falls harder than anyone else and gives it all to the person they are with. They don’t believe in superficial relationships, rather make deep connections and are also the most committed and devoted lovers.

Getting Along – Their empathetic and adaptable nature helps them to get along with all sorts of people. They’re able to make conversations with everyone and quickly connect with new people.

Enigma – They are extremely mysterious and hard to figure out and can’t be put in a box. Their charisma and enigma often leave people wondering.

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