Scorpio – Passionate Souls

Clever – Their intelligence is one of their best traits and that doesn’t let them get fooled easily. They are a skeptic and do not believe in anything without any evidence. When it comes to trusting people, they trust only a handful of people on this list. A tad bit of cunningness lets them manipulate people around them.

Highly Suspicious – Their skeptic nature sets them apart and this makes them highly suspicious of everything. Their trust issues and urge to always find out the truth makes them dig deep for the truth and in understanding people’s intentions.

Crazy Temper – They have a brutal temper, and paper thin patience Once it is lost, can turn them into a completely evil person. Also, handling this temper is not something everyone can handle. Like a Scorpio, when they sting, it can leave the person in a very difficult situation.

Honest Compliments – They aren’t a kiss ass and don’t try to please anyone. They only compliment someone if they actually believe it. They are always real and flattering someone is not their cup of tea.

Connection – They take some time to open up to people, although when they do, they don’t like forming superficial connections but deeper ones. They have deep conversations with people that makes everyone feel empowered. Having such conversations is always something they look out for.

Independent – They enjoy their freedom and don’t depend on anyone. They take their own path and like to build their future on their own terms. If you try to control them, they can give you a hard time. They aren’t exactly the people who let others decide what they can or cannot do.

Goals – They don’t let small failures lure them out of their goals or plans. They have a to-do list set and don’t let anything come in between them and their passion. Upon facing hurdles, giving up is never an option but they instead see the bigger picture and take a run for it.

Picky – They don’t just get along with anyone or everyone. They are very cautious of who they befriend. They are picky about whom they trust and prefer having a small group of people, and not a room full of people who aren’t exactly well-wishers.

Promise – Promises mean a lot to them. They aren’t the type who promise and don’t stick to it. Being promise keepers, they can’t stand people are completely opposite and take back their words. Promises are a big deal to them, and they’d go above and beyond to stand by them.

Hard to Read – They are difficult to read and have a mysterious enigma that surrounds them. They generally build a wall around them and take it down only for their close ones. They are extremely secretive and don’t let everyone see inside their hearts.

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