Today’s Message – 4-3-19

Today’s Message – 4-3-19

9 of Water

It is ok to say no to what is not right for you! You have that right! Take pride in your work and all your endeavors. Because now is the time for your wish to be fulfilled! Whatever that may be, it is here now for you to enjoy!

Now is the time to pause, and to acknowledge what it is that you have manifested into your life. It is ok to feel good about it! If you haven’t seen this wish fulfilled yet, just know it is on its way!

Today’s Message – 4-2-19

Today’s Message – 4-2-19

4 of Air

Tired? Worried? Low energy kind of day? Today’s the day for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Find some time just for you. Take a long bath, sip on some green tea, say your affirmations. Whatever gives you peace and brings your energy up; go for it! You’ve been thinking about it for a while now. So, do it!

Things are happening pretty fast in your world. Could be coincidence, could be you manifesting something great! Either way, that rest and relaxation will do you so much good! Take as much time as you need. Your body will thank you!

Capricorn – The Know it All

Patient – They are extremely strict when it comes to discipline and have unending patience within. They believe that nothing is easy, and they know they have to work hard to achieve it. Pushing their limits to achieve what they desire is just one of the many amazing traits of Capricorn.

Brutal Tongue – When angered, Capricorn use their words in the most brutal way possible. They make sure their words hurt their enemies and aren’t considerate at all. They choose harsh words over physical fights to take their competitors down.

Investigators – They make sure to do their homework and research in depth on things before concluding anything. They aren’t the ones who go by rumors but only believe what they see. If you need to convince a Capricorn, make sure you have strong evidence.

Organized – They are super organized. They will have it all planned out in no time. They are the best when it comes to time management. They are always on their toes; their overachieving nature is the reason they are repulsed by people who don’t take life seriously and have a laid-back attitude for things. People who aren’t organized and don’t know what they want are definitely not on their good books.

Being Alone – Don’t get them wrong, they love their family and friends. But if they get a chance to be alone, they’re definitely gonna grab it. They love self-care and are pretty good at pampering themselves. They like staying alone, doing what they love, concentrating on nothing but getting their thoughts together and plans to make their life better.

Shy at First – They aren’t exactly extroverts and when it comes to meeting new people, they don’t easily open up and might come off as unwelcoming. Although, once they get close to someone, they let them inside and show their real personality that is a tad bit wild.

Practical – They are extremely practical and are great at solving real-life problems that most people run away from. Their rational thinking and dependable nature make them a go-getter. Their high standards for everything in life does not let them settle for the second best. Their need to find the perfect answer for their question often makes it difficult for others to handle them at times

Problem Solver – They are like a sponge when it comes to knowledge. They grab all the information they possibly can. Their need to know it all and problem-solving nature are the reasons why they are the first call when it comes to their close friends in need.

Walk Down the Memory Lane – They don’t forget their bad times, most importantly, the ones who made them see the bad times. They hold on to grudges and don’t let go of people easily. They take revenge pretty seriously and are always determined to show the negative people their place.

Aquarius – Music is the Soul

Music – Music is something Aquarius cannot live without. If there’s one constant in their life, it is definitely music. They explore the world of music and often are their sense of comfort in their bad times. They have a deep emotional connection with it and don’t plan to let go of it anytime soon.

Sarcasm – They always have their sarcasm mode on. They are full of wit and their witty answer would leave you without any comebacks. They have a dark sense of humor and it can take people who actually get them to be friends with Aquarius.

Lying – Lying is not their cup of tea and they are often not very good at it. They aren’t good at convincing people either. They often find themselves in difficult situations and where lying is a good option to get out of these situations, they often are stuck with bigger problems.

Overthinking – They aren’t good at letting things go, they overthink a lot more than anyone else. They dwell on situations and people and often come to conclusions that mess up their heads. They often end up feeling anxious about trivial things and worry a lot about the past and future.

Understanding the Sun sign- They are often misunderstood due to their unusual way of thinking and blunt tongue. Although the ones who are close to them, do get them, they can be quite difficult to be understood by others. They aren’t that good when it comes to showing their emotions and so can be misunderstood as heartless.

Rebellious Side – They have a side that is very proud when it comes to taking orders from someone else. They don’t like to be told what to do and asking them to change themselves, is not something they take well. They have a spontaneous side that doesn’t let them stick to a boring routine. They want to experience life their way and take it as an adventure. A corporate 9 to 5 job is often not an option for them.

Mistakes – They don’t just pick themselves up from the ground when faced by a minor failure, instead they actually learn from their mistakes and make sure they don’t repeat it again. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it.

Out of The Box – They push the boundaries when it comes to creative thinking. They aren’t the one who hold themselves back when it comes to doing innovative and crazy things. No matter how ‘impossible’ the idea seems to be, they believe that everything is possible and never stop working for it.

Second Chances – They, unlike some signs, aren’t those who go behind their wrongdoers. They usually let people be and know that everyone makes mistakes and usually give people second chances. They believe people can change, and also reach out to help the ones that need their support and forgiveness to become a better person.

Scorpio – Passionate Souls

Clever – Their intelligence is one of their best traits and that doesn’t let them get fooled easily. They are a skeptic and do not believe in anything without any evidence. When it comes to trusting people, they trust only a handful of people on this list. A tad bit of cunningness lets them manipulate people around them.

Highly Suspicious – Their skeptic nature sets them apart and this makes them highly suspicious of everything. Their trust issues and urge to always find out the truth makes them dig deep for the truth and in understanding people’s intentions.

Crazy Temper – They have a brutal temper, and paper thin patience Once it is lost, can turn them into a completely evil person. Also, handling this temper is not something everyone can handle. Like a Scorpio, when they sting, it can leave the person in a very difficult situation.

Honest Compliments – They aren’t a kiss ass and don’t try to please anyone. They only compliment someone if they actually believe it. They are always real and flattering someone is not their cup of tea.

Connection – They take some time to open up to people, although when they do, they don’t like forming superficial connections but deeper ones. They have deep conversations with people that makes everyone feel empowered. Having such conversations is always something they look out for.

Independent – They enjoy their freedom and don’t depend on anyone. They take their own path and like to build their future on their own terms. If you try to control them, they can give you a hard time. They aren’t exactly the people who let others decide what they can or cannot do.

Goals – They don’t let small failures lure them out of their goals or plans. They have a to-do list set and don’t let anything come in between them and their passion. Upon facing hurdles, giving up is never an option but they instead see the bigger picture and take a run for it.

Picky – They don’t just get along with anyone or everyone. They are very cautious of who they befriend. They are picky about whom they trust and prefer having a small group of people, and not a room full of people who aren’t exactly well-wishers.

Promise – Promises mean a lot to them. They aren’t the type who promise and don’t stick to it. Being promise keepers, they can’t stand people are completely opposite and take back their words. Promises are a big deal to them, and they’d go above and beyond to stand by them.

Hard to Read – They are difficult to read and have a mysterious enigma that surrounds them. They generally build a wall around them and take it down only for their close ones. They are extremely secretive and don’t let everyone see inside their hearts.

Libra – Others Over Themselves

Honesty Is In their Nerves – They are super honest with each other and always are the ones who consider both the sides of a coin before they decide to take a flip. They become great judges and truthful advocates. They believe in treating everyone as equal and in fair justice. They also aren’t afraid to step up and accept their mistake when they go wrong.

Smooth Talker – They are great at convincing people and manipulating them into doing just what they want. They handle awkward situations well and are generally the one who addresses the elephant in the room and often resolve fights with their diplomacy that leaves everyone satisfied.

Questions – Even though they seem self-confident and chilled out on the outside, they have insecurities of their own. They often suffer from self-doubts and have lingering questions about themselves.

Haters – They have a blindside for haters and believe in taking action and doing what they have to and don’t plan to stop until they get what they want. They ignore all the criticism and negative comments that try to put them down and keep working till they reach their destination, success.

Calculative – They aren’t the ones who like to do unplanned things, they rather are always one step ahead. They don’t like to do things in the heat of the moment. When competing against someone, they like to think of all the possible things to make sure that the odds always favor them.

Communicators – They like having intelligent conversations where they can think beyond. They are great listeners and often seem to get lost in conversations that are meaningful. They are great listeners and can always lift their friends up.

Unpredictable – They, like a few other signs, are unpredictable most of the times and are often caught doing things that no one else can think of doing. This trait of theirs often makes them fun to be around.

Selfish People – When they are around selfish, arrogant people, they are uncomfortable as they can’t match their personality. Being someone who feels happy when others around them are happy, they can’t bear the idea of someone being self-centered and selfish.

Losing Argument – Losing an argument opposed to losing someone is a better option for them. When things get rough, they like to settle the situation by losing the argument and not continue a heated argument that ends up with a crack in the relationship.

Making Others Happy – They believe in making everyone in their life happy. Although, at times they often lose themselves finding happiness for others. They often forget that they can’t make everyone happy and be liked by everyone. They put too much pressure on themselves and don’t focus on their own needs.

Cancer – The Domestic Crab

Family First – Cancers are the family type and want to live and be as close to them as they can. They are loyal and deeply attached to their families and having a happy family is always at the top of their list. They love spending time at home and like to have an environment that gives them comfort. Hence, they spend a lot of time and creativity in creating a comfy home.

Introverts – They are extremely introverted, although once they get to know the person, they take no time to open up. They like kind gestures, as these can make them feel more ready to open up. They like to be around people who genuinely care about them and aren’t just superficial.

Overly Sensitive – They are super sensitive and emotional almost all the time. They don’t take criticism or negative remarks well. They are often caught checking and turning pages from their past and getting their eyes wet with good and bad memories.

Attention – They aren’t the biggest attention seekers but love a little attention when given by just the right person. It makes them feel important and a little care shows them that they hold value to a person’s life. This is the key to unmask cancer’s soft and tender side.

Rubbed the Wrong Way – Cancers are known for their laid-back attitude and chilled out personality, although, when rubbed the wrong way, they get out their claws out and fight it out.

Pushy People – They get along with almost anyone but don’t have the patience to deal with pushy and obnoxious people. Being around people who are indecisive and dominating gets them frustrated.

Grudges Are Held – Cancers don’t exactly believe the theory ‘Forgive and Forget’ and can hold onto grudges for a very, very long time. Once they get stabbed in the back and trust is broken, they don’t easily forget.

Different Personalities – Cancers aren’t always predictable and have multiple sides to their personalities, and just as when you think you know one, they play the card you haven’t seen.

Sad Times – When they are unhappy, they become distant even from their close ones. They hate talking or being around people when they’re low and take time to figure things out on their own.

Mystical Creatures – Cancer’s world is a roller coaster, they don’t give out their secrets all at once and have a kind of a magnetic enigma. This touch of mystery makes it hard to read them and understand. There is a possibility that they are close to someone and even after spending a long time together can still seem like a completely new person.

Giving Souls – They are extremely generous people and giving makes them happy. They believe in spreading happiness in the world. They don’t need an occasion to shower their friends with gifts, they only need the feeling of making their friends smile.

Aries – Born Leaders

Rulers – They are born leaders and possess all the traits to get them the success they deserve. They are natural leaders, and an obvious choice for leadership in the work environment. They are super courageous and pull in to do things that others would generally pass on.

Spontaneous – They are unpredictable; and are spontaneous when it comes to anything in life. They enjoy the ‘newness’ of life and like to be on the run.

Opinionated – They are super opinionated and want to be heard. They don’t keep their thoughts to themselves rather are the ones to shout them out loud. They are outspoken beings who aren’t intimidated by anyone.

Energetic – The fire in them is never turned off. They like to be on their toes and keeps others on their toes too. Being around them is like being in an energetic bubble, they have a completely different vibe that can never go unnoticed.

Independence – They enjoy pampering themselves, rather it is more like a lifestyle to them. Their independent nature seems of great importance to them and will fight anyone who comes between them and their independence.

Bad Temper – Their tolerance is like a strand of hair and these short-tempered souls when angered, don’t hide their temper well. Although, they calm down just as fast as they get angry.

Negative Energy – Being these positive souls, they hate being around people who don’t match their energy levels. They are believers of ‘I can’ and people with ‘Can’t do’ attitude piss them off. They can’t be around complaining people who are constantly detached from the world.

Inspiration – They are usually the source of inspiration to their friends and want to be around the ones who are just as inspiring.

Attitude – They are a little egoistic and can be selfish at times with their ‘Me first’ attitude. They know what they want and are ready to do what it takes to get it. Confidence literally drips from their soul, as they often believe that what anyone else can do, they can do it better.

Optimistic – When they face failure (although rarely) you won’t find them sitting in one corner of the room sulking. They instead learn from each failure and pick themselves up and are ready for their next adventure.

Boring Routine – Aries don’t like to get stuck in a boring routine, they take life as an adventurous journey, and getting stuck and doing the same thing over and over again, bores them. Aries are free-spirited and want to make their living doing something they love.

Impatience – Aries don’t understand the concept of patience. They are the most impatient people you’ll ever meet, but to their defense, it’s because people can’t match their speed. They are always on-the-go and people who slow them down, frustrate them.

Great Entrepreneurs – As they are the perfect product of confidence and intelligence, they become great entrepreneurs. Their nature to give orders but not take them makes them perfect in the business.

Taurus – A Hot Mess

Hot-Headed – Once you get on their backs, they are hard to handle, just like a bull. They turn aggressive and are full of rage and no one wants to be there to witness that.

Full of Knowledge – Taurus is the first person their friends call when in need of some advice. They’re super practical and are always the right choice to get some opinions. They’re like a wave of reality one needs when in search for answers.

Dominating – Being the bulls, it’s a given that they’re extremely dominating. If encountered by someone who wants to take their place, they aren’t afraid to get their horns at work and show the person the way out and stand as a winner.

The Critic – They’re very critical even when it comes to little things in life, and they aren’t the ones to voice out their opinions. They see things with a microscope and look at the minor details and point out exactly where someone went wrong or something that is not right.

Child-Like Stubborn – They have a childlike side that no parent wants to see. They can be extremely stubborn especially when it comes to their opinions. If you want to change their opinion about something it often goes like this – try, try, fail over and over again. It takes A LOT of convincing to change their opinion, often all in vain. These strong headed souls have their firm beliefs that they don’t plan to change so soon.

Decisiveness – Taurus know what they want and do exactly that to make sure to get it. These personalities often meet people who aren’t. Indecisive people frustrate them as they come from an entirely different place. These people are their pet peeve and if they meet a person who’s having a difficult time making a decision, they don’t mind making one for them to save themselves the horror.

Sixth Sense – They are gifted with a great intuition which often helps them make decisions in their life. Taurus’s tolerance level is as thin as a strand of hair when it comes to lies or fakeness and can detect them right off someone.

Emotions – They often fail at expressing themselves and aren’t great at talking about how they feel. They prefer keeping their feelings to themselves, which often can be quite annoying for people close to them.

The Hustler – Taurus is not one to sit and complain about the things that don’t go their way. They instead try to fix them and pick themselves up and hustle to get where to want to be. So, underestimating a Taurus could be the worst nightmare as once challenged, their determination touches the sky and won’t stop until they get what they want.

Loving Themselves – They consider it a lifestyle rather than a hobby. They don’t forget to pamper themselves and aim for things bigger than life. Their taste for finer things in life and their sense of aesthetic gives them the right motivation to make it big for themselves. And did I mention their love of food???

Leo – The Brave Lions

Heart of Gold – Leos have a lot of love to give. They are super kind and generous and there’s nothing that could make a Leo stop giving. Filling the world with love and positive energy is what makes Leo happy.

The Bad Side – Don’t get fooled by their kindness. Leos have a bad side you don’t want to get on. Once they feel they’re being taken for granted because of their kindness, they release the lion within them and set out to attack! They don’t like to be taken advantage of, period. Once you are their foe, there’s no going back to being friends.

Loyal – Leos have an inbuilt feature (Loyalty). When they trust someone and get close to them, they are like protectors and do their all to protect their people. They are super loyal and wouldn’t do anything that would even remotely hurt the people close to their heart and won’t let anyone else do so either.

Born Leaders – If you’re friends with a Leo, you’d just know. Their bossy nature is like a sign of their presence. Which proves they can be the most effective leaders as they are totally born with it!

Social Butterfly – You won’t find Leos missing events, get-togethers or any social gatherings. They aren’t there because of social obligations but because they love to be there! They are generally the life of a party. They have an extremely out-going nature and it’s always fun to be around them.

The Other Side – Leos generally come out as strong, confident beings. But on the inside, they’re far more emotional than they actually show to the world. They can be hurting on the inside but can fool others with the smile they put on.

Charm – Leos are extremely charming. Their personalities have this aura that makes people go nuts over them! They even have the ability to convince people to do what they want with their magnetic personality.

The Attention Seekers – Leos NEED attention. They need their daily dose of attention that keeps them going. That’s one thing that a Leo can’t live without. They don’t mind taking the center stage and are always wanting to keep the spotlight on themselves. And well, they deserve it!

Always Come Through – A Leo is the best friend everyone needs in their life. They’re always there in the worst situations when people generally leave. They aren’t just there, but make sure to fix things and won’t leave until their friends are okay. They love nothing more than a good bond with their close friends.

Time Alone- They crave good conversations and human interactions. Leo feels like themselves when they’re around people having meaningful conversations. This does not mean they don’t enjoy some time alone. Although not for long, they hide away at times to collect their thoughts and work on their hobbies and reenergize themselves.