Rise, Shine, and Heal

Rise, Shine, and Heal

The alarm sounds, and it is time to get your morning routine started. If it was not for the busy day ahead you might be tempted to hit the snooze repeatedly or dismiss the chimes all together. I have been there. Most days I was very much a repeated snoozer. On my best days, I was always a spiritual guru capable of realigning my chi and finding my zen in a matter of milliseconds. Over the years I have learned I must make my morning energy healing very quick and ritualistic. By ritualizing your healing routine it will become almost innate, like second nature. Thus, from the moment you begin to stir you instinctually begin preparing to heal.

The benefits of having a morning energy healing routine are infinite. Not to mention, energy healing in the AM is key to ensuring that we are well-equipped mentally, spiritually and physically for the stresses that may attempt to bombard us. Energy healing in the morning will help you relax and gain the clarity that will assist you in making positive decisions. When you are moving throughout your day relaxed and free of stress you feel lighter, happier and much freer. When I begin my day with my energy healing rituals, I feel pretty much invincible throughout my day. Situations that may cause others to fold under pressure become stepping stones for me. 

Everyone is fully capable of energy healing. However, I always acknowledge how you chose to heal your energy is highly subjective. Everyone has a healing process. Everyone uses different tools, skill sets, and methods of healing. The following morning routine is a guide—one which you can alter to fit your own specific spiritual needs.

Quick Morning Energy Healing Routine

1. Take 3 deep breaths, preferably before even opening your eyes.

2. Take a moment to express gratitude for your resting, rising, the new dawning in and of itself, specific loved ones, of course, yourself, anything else you are grateful for having in your life and space, and everything that is being divinely removed. ​(This can be done while you are still laying down, or after rising and placing your feet firmly on the floor, while you remain seated on the edge of your bed.)

3. Perform your normal morning cleansing routine. While you shower and/or brush your teeth, begin cleansing away negative energy and thoughts. As you shower imagine any and all negativity washing away, and down the drain. While brushing your teeth imagine clearing away negative words, confrontational speech, and self-talk that may interfere with you having a good, positive and productive day.

4. As healing is an ongoing process. We can place ourselves in a constant state of conscious healing. Therefore, set your intentions for continual healing throughout the day. You can do this while getting ready in front of the mirror. Affirm that you are going to have a good, positive and productive day full of continual healing.

Quick energy healing in the morning is all about preparing yourself to have your best day. It would be amazing if we all had endless hours in the morning to realign and heal. Nevertheless, you do not need to spend hours focused on trying to find your zen space. You can achieve ample healing which carries you throughout your day while going through your normal get-ready routine. All you need is the time it takes to rise and shine. 

—by Egypt English, ​EgyptEnglish.com

Find Your Healing Medicine

Step too far left or too far right and life’s scales will tip and we all lose our balance. Some days we stay down longer than others. Other days we pop right back up like a Jack-in-the-Box. When we finally rise from our tumble off the scales of life, there is often a lot of healing to be done. Truth be told, most of us forget about the healing process. We ignore our wounds and dismiss our aches. We put a lot of effort into getting back to wherever we were. Slowly, the stench of festering wounds begin to seep through our lavishly adorned surfaces. Our aches eventually turn into chronic pains. We find ourselves frivolously trying to patch ourselves back together while still attempting to juggle life. Here is where spirit will say, give life a rest and give yourself time to heal and recharge.

Finding places and ways to recharge your energy can be difficult, but you can manage. The age-old sentiment “people make time for the things they love” rings ever-true when we are dealing in matters of self and well-being. We all must accept that it is perfectly normal to need a minute to breathe, woo-sah and find balance. Let us be honest, sometimes a minute is all you have to catch a breath before the children are feuding, the phone is ringing, and the pot on the stove is boiling over again. Allow yourself to say I need a one minute for me. Turn off the stove. Put the phone on mute. As long as the children are not hanging from the ceiling fan, disappear into your bedroom closet for a minute if you have to, and simply breathe.

There are so many ways to heal. You have to find what works for you. Taking two deep and meaningful breaths can change your entire mood instantly. Maybe watching the branches outside of your window sway in the breeze while you sip a cup of tea is your zen moment. Lighting a candle or two and meditating might get you pumped. Grabbing your favorite tarot or oracle deck and doing a 7-card spread may be exactly what you need to get you through your work week. Only you know what works for you. Only you can find what helps you heal.

—by Egypt English, ​EgyptEnglish.com

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