Cancer – The Domestic Crab

Family First – Cancers are the family type and want to live and be as close to them as they can. They are loyal and deeply attached to their families and having a happy family is always at the top of their list. They love spending time at home and like to have an environment that gives them comfort. Hence, they spend a lot of time and creativity in creating a comfy home.

Introverts – They are extremely introverted, although once they get to know the person, they take no time to open up. They like kind gestures, as these can make them feel more ready to open up. They like to be around people who genuinely care about them and aren’t just superficial.

Overly Sensitive – They are super sensitive and emotional almost all the time. They don’t take criticism or negative remarks well. They are often caught checking and turning pages from their past and getting their eyes wet with good and bad memories.

Attention – They aren’t the biggest attention seekers but love a little attention when given by just the right person. It makes them feel important and a little care shows them that they hold value to a person’s life. This is the key to unmask cancer’s soft and tender side.

Rubbed the Wrong Way – Cancers are known for their laid-back attitude and chilled out personality, although, when rubbed the wrong way, they get out their claws out and fight it out.

Pushy People – They get along with almost anyone but don’t have the patience to deal with pushy and obnoxious people. Being around people who are indecisive and dominating gets them frustrated.

Grudges Are Held – Cancers don’t exactly believe the theory ‘Forgive and Forget’ and can hold onto grudges for a very, very long time. Once they get stabbed in the back and trust is broken, they don’t easily forget.

Different Personalities – Cancers aren’t always predictable and have multiple sides to their personalities, and just as when you think you know one, they play the card you haven’t seen.

Sad Times – When they are unhappy, they become distant even from their close ones. They hate talking or being around people when they’re low and take time to figure things out on their own.

Mystical Creatures – Cancer’s world is a roller coaster, they don’t give out their secrets all at once and have a kind of a magnetic enigma. This touch of mystery makes it hard to read them and understand. There is a possibility that they are close to someone and even after spending a long time together can still seem like a completely new person.

Giving Souls – They are extremely generous people and giving makes them happy. They believe in spreading happiness in the world. They don’t need an occasion to shower their friends with gifts, they only need the feeling of making their friends smile.

Aries – Born Leaders

Rulers – They are born leaders and possess all the traits to get them the success they deserve. They are natural leaders, and an obvious choice for leadership in the work environment. They are super courageous and pull in to do things that others would generally pass on.

Spontaneous – They are unpredictable; and are spontaneous when it comes to anything in life. They enjoy the ‘newness’ of life and like to be on the run.

Opinionated – They are super opinionated and want to be heard. They don’t keep their thoughts to themselves rather are the ones to shout them out loud. They are outspoken beings who aren’t intimidated by anyone.

Energetic – The fire in them is never turned off. They like to be on their toes and keeps others on their toes too. Being around them is like being in an energetic bubble, they have a completely different vibe that can never go unnoticed.

Independence – They enjoy pampering themselves, rather it is more like a lifestyle to them. Their independent nature seems of great importance to them and will fight anyone who comes between them and their independence.

Bad Temper – Their tolerance is like a strand of hair and these short-tempered souls when angered, don’t hide their temper well. Although, they calm down just as fast as they get angry.

Negative Energy – Being these positive souls, they hate being around people who don’t match their energy levels. They are believers of ‘I can’ and people with ‘Can’t do’ attitude piss them off. They can’t be around complaining people who are constantly detached from the world.

Inspiration – They are usually the source of inspiration to their friends and want to be around the ones who are just as inspiring.

Attitude – They are a little egoistic and can be selfish at times with their ‘Me first’ attitude. They know what they want and are ready to do what it takes to get it. Confidence literally drips from their soul, as they often believe that what anyone else can do, they can do it better.

Optimistic – When they face failure (although rarely) you won’t find them sitting in one corner of the room sulking. They instead learn from each failure and pick themselves up and are ready for their next adventure.

Boring Routine – Aries don’t like to get stuck in a boring routine, they take life as an adventurous journey, and getting stuck and doing the same thing over and over again, bores them. Aries are free-spirited and want to make their living doing something they love.

Impatience – Aries don’t understand the concept of patience. They are the most impatient people you’ll ever meet, but to their defense, it’s because people can’t match their speed. They are always on-the-go and people who slow them down, frustrate them.

Great Entrepreneurs – As they are the perfect product of confidence and intelligence, they become great entrepreneurs. Their nature to give orders but not take them makes them perfect in the business.

Leo – The Brave Lions

Heart of Gold – Leos have a lot of love to give. They are super kind and generous and there’s nothing that could make a Leo stop giving. Filling the world with love and positive energy is what makes Leo happy.

The Bad Side – Don’t get fooled by their kindness. Leos have a bad side you don’t want to get on. Once they feel they’re being taken for granted because of their kindness, they release the lion within them and set out to attack! They don’t like to be taken advantage of, period. Once you are their foe, there’s no going back to being friends.

Loyal – Leos have an inbuilt feature (Loyalty). When they trust someone and get close to them, they are like protectors and do their all to protect their people. They are super loyal and wouldn’t do anything that would even remotely hurt the people close to their heart and won’t let anyone else do so either.

Born Leaders – If you’re friends with a Leo, you’d just know. Their bossy nature is like a sign of their presence. Which proves they can be the most effective leaders as they are totally born with it!

Social Butterfly – You won’t find Leos missing events, get-togethers or any social gatherings. They aren’t there because of social obligations but because they love to be there! They are generally the life of a party. They have an extremely out-going nature and it’s always fun to be around them.

The Other Side – Leos generally come out as strong, confident beings. But on the inside, they’re far more emotional than they actually show to the world. They can be hurting on the inside but can fool others with the smile they put on.

Charm – Leos are extremely charming. Their personalities have this aura that makes people go nuts over them! They even have the ability to convince people to do what they want with their magnetic personality.

The Attention Seekers – Leos NEED attention. They need their daily dose of attention that keeps them going. That’s one thing that a Leo can’t live without. They don’t mind taking the center stage and are always wanting to keep the spotlight on themselves. And well, they deserve it!

Always Come Through – A Leo is the best friend everyone needs in their life. They’re always there in the worst situations when people generally leave. They aren’t just there, but make sure to fix things and won’t leave until their friends are okay. They love nothing more than a good bond with their close friends.

Time Alone- They crave good conversations and human interactions. Leo feels like themselves when they’re around people having meaningful conversations. This does not mean they don’t enjoy some time alone. Although not for long, they hide away at times to collect their thoughts and work on their hobbies and reenergize themselves.

Gemini – The Investigators

Nosy – They always want to know what’s going on and can’t rest until they do. They want to know it all and dig deep until they are successful in knowing secrets. Even the ones that one did not intend on revealing in the first place.

Soak It Up – They want to soak up all the knowledge, all at once. They are great observes and born investigators. They desire to be at different places at the same time and be aware of everything happening in the world.

Extremely Flexible – We don’t know about the physical aspect but they are super adaptable to things and people. They don’t mind trying something new, something out of the blue, impossible dares? They definitely are the ones to complete them. Cancelled a plan on a Sagittarius? Don’t expect them to sulk in one corner but would instead find something better to do!

Indecisive – A mere decision like picking a lunch spot or a movie for a movie night can give them anxiety. Decisions are something Gemini aren’t good at. Something major like a commitment or a change of place can trigger their anxiety even more.

Wit – Gemini is born conversationalists and is super witty. You can never have a dull conversation with a Gemini and if are bombarded with questions anytime during a conversation, they have their water balloons full of witty answers ready for the other person to stay awake and plan a response for days!

A Tad Irresponsible – Gemini is a little unreliable, don’t get them wrong though, they don’t have evil intentions, but are just a little irresponsible. They can be planning an event for days and can end up cancelling it in the last moment. They get bored easily, which is why it is difficult for them to commit to relationships and work.

Pacifist – Gemini is generally a pacifist and try to avoid mere arguments and drama, but once pulled the trigger, they don’t hesitate to stand up for themselves, leaving the pacifist in them behind.

They Experience Extreme – They have higher highs and lower lows than anyone else. Hence they experience a lot of emotions at once. They are happiest when things are right in their life and are super low when things don’t.  

The Wall – They build a wall between themselves and their emotions, which is why they avoid personal conversations. The moment you bring up something from your life which is a tad bit emotional, they go in their shell and bring up their wall.

Out Of The Box – They often are people who think out of the box, they don’t like to be caged in a box of mainstream thoughts. They like to make their own way. They are often found doing the most outrageous things, things that someone not in a million years would think of doing.

Being There – Just because they are distant from their emotional side doesn’t mean they aren’t great friends. They are great listeners and always ready to lend help. They know just the right thing to say to lift someone up.

Sagittarius – The Dreamer

Sagittarius – The Dreamer

Freedom Is The Key – A Sagittarius knows how to enjoy life to the fullest and loves to explore and experience the beauty of life. They are open to new experiences and are always surrounded by friends they make during their journey.

Spontaneous – They are always fun to be around as you can never get bored around them. They don’t like to plan anything, rather take life as it comes. Their enthusiasm and courage are contagious, hence people always have fun around them.

Dreamers – They are not about all fun and no work, but on the contrary, have high aspirations and dreams and work hard to achieve them. They put in the work needed to get them where they desire to be. They are optimistic about life and enthusiastic about their future.

Truth – They are the most honest people you’d ever meet. They often come out as blunt and might lose people in their life because of their straight forward behavior. But isn’t that good riddance? Because a real friend would actually consider them as a wave of truth that they need in their life.

Dictatorship – They hate being told what to do. The key how to not lose a Sagittarius is by not dictating them or showing authority over them. They hate being told what to do and would definitely leave once their ego has been played with.

Readable – To be around a Sagittarius is like being an open book. They are great at reading people and pick up different vibes in a room full of people. They are very intuitive, understand a person’s character and signs anyone else would miss.

Impatient Like A Baby – Sagittarius is impatient like a baby and often fidgety. They want everything, right now, and are always on a look out for their next task. Their to-do list is never empty and they always want to be engrossed and can’t stand the idea of sitting idle. Due to this, they often find themselves in grumpy and uncomfortable situations.

Angry Sagittarius – When a Sagittarius is angry, they make sure the whole world knows about it. Although, when they are hurt, they don’t try to hide away their emotions, rather hide away from the world completely. They go in their shell and get distant from the world.

Loyal And Empathetic – They are usually your 3 AM friend. Someone who is always there on the other side of the line when you need them. They empathize and always do what they can to help a friend.

Heart’s Out – They are super careful and don’t just pluck out their heart and give it to someone. They are cautious about who they commit to before giving away their heart to someone.

Virgo – Did anyone say peace within chaos?

The Observers – Virgos are known for their deep sense of humanity and their observation skills. They are minute observes who have a different, yet careful way of looking at life. They know how to get their work done just right. They like to dig deep inside and see what’s going on and can read between the lines. Hence, they are great at catching lies.

The Wild Child – More often than not, Virgo’s are shy at first meetings and take time to spill out their secrets. Although, they have a wild side only lucky ones can see. They don’t like to be on the limelight which is why they aren’t the life of a party, but when they’re around their close friends, they let their hair down and aren’t afraid to loosen up.

The Two Sides – It’s difficult to get close to a Virgo, but once they befriend someone, they truly hang on to that person. Although, it is very easy to disappoint a Virgo as they hold high standards for themselves and expect the same from the people around. They hate when they are let down by someone, and even the slightest thing can lead one right in their bad books. These perfectionists are a perfect mixture of sophistication and kindness. They are always ready to lend a hand to someone in need.

Problem Solver– Virgos are not someone to point out a problem, rather, are the first ones to scream out the solution. Virgos are also best described as coconuts, hard from the exteriors with tender insides. Even though they come out as someone detached from their emotional side, yet, on the contrary, are more affected by things than anyone can ever notice.

The Unplanned – A spontaneous road trip? It’s hard to convince a Virgo. They like to analyse, plan and know just what they’re doing. Call it over thinking or being prepared, but Virgos aren’t the spontaneous kind.

The Doer –  Virgos like to work hard, for anything and everything. They don’t want to do anything half-hearted. Once they are in it they give their 100 percent and won’t stop until they are content with the results.

Independence – Virgos consider themselves as perfectionists, cause duh! They are. They generally don’t ask for help and are repelled by people who seem sticky and demanding. They like to do things on their terms and hate being dictated.

The Pillars – They are the support system for the ones close to their heart and like to push them towards success. They make them choose what their heart wants rather than their mind. They give the warmth one needs after a bad day.

A Strong Voice – Virgos are very opinionated and don’t sugar-coat anything they say, which is why they often come off as harsh. They speak from their heart but are often misjudged.