Tarot Readings

Personalized Daily Inspiration

If you like my daily messages but still want a little more help getting through your day, this is for you. I'll send you one email. It will have a message for every day of the week. I'll send it out on Sundays.


3 Card Reading

This is a short reading where I draw 3 cards to answer a question you may have. Please email me your question after payment to get started.


5 Question Reading

This is a larger reading. I will answer 3 questions you may have in regard to the same topic (i.e. love, career, life path). Please email me your question after payment so we can get started.


Life Purpose

Do you know what your life purpose is? What is it you are meant to do in your life? Are you stuck in your career? Or are you at a crossroads with your career path? I can help give guidance in the right direction for you.


Law of Attraction

What are you attracting into your life? What can you do to guide the things that you want into your life? I can help guide you to things that you want for your life.


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